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Grand Rapids, Michigan

The genesis of GR Electric,

was founded in the basement of, now president, Brad Dekock in 2006. Beginning with nothing more than an idea for an electric company based on the principles of good customer service, and high quality craftsmanship, Brad Dekock made his beginning in the electrical business as DK Electric. A year and a half later at a Christmas party, two long time friends discussed the idea of merging their two companies, and Boven Dekock Electric was born. Dean Boven, currently of Boven Electric, was co-owner from 2008 to 2014 when he opted to leave the company in pursuit of other business ventures.

Brad Dekock continued to develop his company, building upon the foundation of hard work and customer care to oversee the safety of his ever growing business family. In May of 2018 that family grew exponentially. Brad Dekock and the owners of Ada electric, Mike Price and Tom VanTol, decided to merge their two companies. Ada Electric, founded in 1990, shared the same ideals as that of Boven Dekock electric, and together created GR Electric, a company that was wired for excellence.

Willingness. Integrity. Reliable. Excellence. Development.


As Brad Dekock entered into this new era of business he wanted to ensure that his company would be one of quality and integrity just like the companies that had lead up to GR Electric. And so he and his team came up with an acronym that the whole GR Electric family would work by: W.I.R.E.D.. Beginning with willingness, they wanted the workers of GR Electric to be active and prepared to go the extra mile for their customers. Then they insisted that the company maintain its integrity. The GR Electric family was more than just employees, but also its customers, and Brad believed it was important that family watch out for each other. They also wanted the business to be known as reliable. This includes both the safety of the workers, and a promise that the work would be done efficiently and on time. GR Electric was also meant to be based on excellence. Every job, big or small, all members of GR Electric want to be proud of the work they do, so that the customers can be proud too. Finally, GR Electric promises to continue its development.

So that with ever job something new is learned, and with every new member of the family the company grows. GR Electric will progress with the times so that its customers can count on updated service. GR Electric is founded upon these principles and works every day to ensure that its legacy of greatness continues, so that each day every person involved in the GR Electric family is proud to be there.

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